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Like LLL.coms, it’s important to invest in quality if one wishes to be minimally exposed to future risk. A quad premium isn’t better than a triple premium because it has more premium letters, rather, it’s better because it usually has a better chance of finding an enduser (that’s the whole premise behind premium letters).

With Quad Premiums, try to stay away from the letters F,G, and H, which routinely report the lowest sales results. Whenever possible, sticking to LLLL.coms containing 1 (or ideally 2-3) A,E,S, which almost always make for very strong LLLL.coms and letters C, I, L, O add powerful brandability (as do A,E,S once again, of course), especially as ending letters.

Of course some quads with F, G, H are good, but as a general rule they do tend to report lower sales results. Very few domaining segments have as much data readily available to be analyzed as the market — this can be both a blessing and a curse. When it comes to LLLL.coms, statistics is your friend and going with “what sells” really is the only way to go.

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